Although this site is mainly for users of the Ubuntu distribution of Linux, there’s no reason that any help & information from this site can’t be used with any other Linux distro’s. It’s been setup more for Ubuntu user’s, as that’s my distro of choice.

I’m hoping that this site will encourage people to contibute as much information as possible on the VGN-FS series of the Sony VAIO laptops. I also hope that by gathering all the information in one place & making one big effort to sort out the problems with these laptops under Linux, that Sony may sit up & take more notice of the situation.

The main things that Sony could help out with are..

The Sony memory card reader – This uses completely different hardware than most memory card readers, as it was designed especialy to be used in the Sony VAIO range of computers.

OSD- The onscreen display that you see when one of the special keys is pressed.

The special keys – These don’t even register on my laptop & I’ve heard complaints from people having the same problem with other types of Sony brand computers too. Instead of hardware switches for the volume, brightness etc. Sony decided to make them software based which leaves Linux user’s with quite a big problem.

There has been significant work undertaken already on this matter with the release of programs like S-jog.

Unfortunatly with the key’s not even being detected on the FS laptop’s, this won’t as yet work. Work has been done for the FX laptop’s by David Levitan which could be used to solve this problem though (given time or enough people working on it).

There are other problems with the FS laptop’s running under Linux (hibernate), but I’ve found that most of these have either been sorted out already or have seen a lot of improvements in the test versions of Ubuntu Dapper & some of the newer Linux distributions.

The problems mentioned above are the one’s that all Linux distributions seem to be having a lot of trouble with.

I’ve set up categories on the site for every laptop in the FS range, as well as for different distributions of linux & for hardware/software too.

Please feel free to sign up & get posting your solutions etc. or email me at tripmonkey_uk@yahoo.co.uk & thank’s for visiting 😀



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