Dapper Beta2..

As the best way to test new software is with a fresh install.. today I nuked my system (after backing up my home folder of course) :D. I downloaded & burned the Dapper Beta2 .iso & did a complete re-install on my VAIO VGN-FS215E.
I'll keep adding to this post, the things that work & don't work after a clean install. These should be the same for all the VGN-FS model of laptops, with the exception of some graphic's settings.


The sound output seems to work fine straight off with no problems.

The screen resolution is set correctly for the Intel 915GM graphics card @ 1280×800 60hz refresh rate. It also allows you to pick 1024×768 as another display mode. Unfortunatly.. this won't let you increase the refresh rate any higher than 60hz, so it doesn't look half as good. 3D acceleration seems to work pretty good too.

The Firewire port works with my fourth generation iPod (with click wheel) after a fresh restart, but it won't fully mount the iPod again the second time it's plugged in. Not too sure if this is an iPod problem or the ports. I'll be trying some other hardware on the port for a full test.

The Alps touchpad works more in this version of Ubuntu than any other version before. Double/Tap to click works & so does the scroll bar down the right hand side of the touchpad. Unfortunatly the touchpad is a little sensative & it sometime's registers an extra click when you take your finger off of it. (this can be improved with the mouse settings)
Sleep/suspend works, but does show up an error which flashes by way too fast to catch. Some of the hardware doesn't seem to work after coming out of sleep either.

The laptop recognizes when the power cable is plugged & unplugged into the laptop. When unplugged the screen brightness decreases to 70% (as it should to save power), & when the cables plugged back in the screen brightness increases to 100% again.

The wired & wireless adaptors work very well. They also work perfectly with the new network manager for Dapper, if you don't need a static i.p address. (Tutorial on installing this soon)

The Gnome power manager detects when the laptop's plugged & unplugged from the mains fine & adjusts the settings to the correct level.

USB ports work fine & should be able to automount just about everything.

PCMCIA works fine, but i've only tested it with one card (Wifi card).

CD/DVD drive works fine, but you might get errors reading from it & writing to it until you enable DMA. (Tutorial on this coming)

The switch to turn the wireless adaptor on/off on the front of the laptop works fine, but only with the new Dapper network manager. It can mess up your connections if you try it with the old network manager that's installed by default.

The main power button on the laptop works perfect with Ubuntu Dapper. If you press the button once, Ubuntu will display the logoff splash screen & let you choose how you want to shut your laptop down. If you press & hold the main power button in for about 2 seconds however, the laptop will take that as the command to power down & shut off completely.

The sound input (external microphone) works, but only with slight messing about. (I'll post a tutorial on his shortly)

The Firewire port doesn't seem to work after a sleep/suspend. Not too sure if it's being re-initialized again or not?

The Gnome power manager, pop's up the wrong power warning messages when running on battery. It will say that you have only 9 minutes of power left, but it will also show the correct percentage of power in brackets.

The in-built Sony memory card reader (as far as I can gather) has no Linux support at all. This will not work!

The built in V.92 modem is a Winmodem. You might be able to get this working with one of the drivers that you have to pay for, but I don't think that you can do it for free.


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