[Info] Sony Vaio FS series FN keys

****Full tutorial for doing this on a VGN-FS laptop can be found here!****

This is the best source of info I have been able to find on how to get the Special key’s working on the FS laptop’s.

The forum is for the Gentoo distro mainley, but there are also a couple of fixes for other Linux distro’s too.

It might be worth me adding that I’ve forwarded this forum to the Ubuntu dev’s in the bug report here. Hopefully (fingers crossed) they will put the info to good use & add the support needed to Dapper.


One thought on “[Info] Sony Vaio FS series FN keys

  1. Your right it does suck.
    I hate it when I’m trying to find help with something on the net & all I come across are dead ends.
    I was meaning to look closer into it & post a real howto, but in all honesty I’m not that bothered about getting the key’s working. Never needed them sofar.
    I’ll change the title to info instead of howto & maybe I’ll look closer into it when time permits.
    Feel free to look at the info provided anyway & maybe you can write up a small tutorial yourself & post it here?

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