How many VGN-FS models are there?

I really need help on this one..

After producing the cheat sheet to show all the hardware in the different models of the FS series of laptops, I thought that most of the hardwork had been done. Little did I know that the American versions of the laptops were different to the european one's. I checked out this site here & have discovered 105 new model numbers to add to the cheat sheet & site.
The trouble is.. that I do not know if it's just the model numbers that are different, or if the hardware is different too?

I've started a new post in a forum on one of the sony support site's here, but if anyone else knows the answer then please contact me to let me know.

I'll go ahead with adding the new models to the list anyway & I'll set up new categories for them on the site. I can always cross reference them with their European counter parts later on if need be.


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