The dreaded modem..

I've been trying to gather info on what type of internel modem the FS laptops use exactly, but it hasn't been that easy. So far I've only been able to find out what modem is in the American versions & I've got no idea if this is the same as the European version's or not.

In the Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity the modem is said to be a Conexant modem model No:RD02-D110. Further study of this modem has shown that it's a V.92/V.17 data & fax HSF Softmodem.

A free driver (limited to 14.4Kbps data) is available at no cost. You can use it to test if your hardware is compatible. I've tried to install the HSF Softmodem drivers from here, but came across the following errors..
The generic package is not compatible with this system since kernel modules can't be compiled. There is also no pre-compiled package available for your kernel. Please read "Pre-compiled vs. generic packages" for more information.

This will probably be down to me using the Dapper beta2 version of Ubuntu & there's a pre-compiled version already there for Ubuntu Breezy. If any one still has breezy installed on there system, could they plz try this out?

If any one has ever got one of these modems to work with any distibution of Linux, then please get in touch & tell me how you did it.


2 thoughts on “The dreaded modem..

  1. Though not everyone’s favorite distribution, Linspire includes most modem drivers by default. No luck getting it to work on Ubuntu though.

  2. Cheers for the comment Ray.
    I’ve not tried Linspire myself yet.. but as they are releasing the free version soon, I’m looking forward to giving it a good testing 😀

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