Easy Speed up for Ubuntu..

WARNING: Please only try this with a clean install. It can cause you problems if you have installed certain drivers for hardware or have already patched the kernel.I never had trouble with this working, but other people have & I don’t want to be responsible for destroying anyone’s computers.

If you want to speed up a newly installed clean Ubuntu system, then enter one of the following commands into a terminal to install a CPU specific kernel for your computer.

1. sudo apt-get install linux-686 -to install for newer Intel/AthlonXP CPU’s (for older FS laptop’s)

2. sudo apt-get install linux-k7 -to install for any AMD CPU’s

3. sudo apt-get install linux-686-smp -to install for Dual Intel CPU’s

4. sudo apt-get install linux-k8 -to install for Athlon64 CPU’s

Just make sure that you choose the right one for your computer & it should speed up your standard install like you wouldn’t believe.


2 thoughts on “Easy Speed up for Ubuntu..

  1. I entered the first command to update my Ubuntu kernel on my FS laptop, and are now unable to connect wireless to the net. Seems the kernel update had a conflict with the card drivers, which I have already tried to uninstall and recompile with no success. The wireless card is correctly recognized and running, but somehow it fails to fetch an IP.

    I think I am going for a fresh ubuntu install (which, in any case, I have been using for only a couple of weeks), and leave it as is.

    Would appreciate if you warn in this post of the possible problems that may arise when updating/changing the kernel.

  2. Sorry to hear that you had trouble because of it Javier 😦

    I should have put that it’s best to do it after a clean (re)install, before you mess about with drivers & kernel patches etc.

    I’ll amend the post & make sure that nobody else comes across the same problem.

    Thanks for the heads up.

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