Print direct to CD/DVD Epson R200,R300,R310..

I’ve tested this myself on the R300 model, but the R310 is exactly the same (Australian version of the R300) & Viciouslime in the Ubuntu forum, has tested it for the R200.

I’ve also tested it on the RX560 printer with no hassles.

R320 and R340 apparently work too πŸ˜€

First of all you need to install the gimp-print plugin, as this will allow you to print directly from within the Gimp program. You can do this by opening up a terminal & typing in..

sudo apt-get install gimp-print

Once that’s done, you can then download the needed Gimp plugin from here! You need the one that say’s..

“There’s also a version, CDlabel2.scm, which is updated for Gimp 2.0 but will no longer run in gimp 1.2.”

Go into your user’s home folder & press Ctrl+h to show all folders, navigate to the .gimp-2.2 folder & enter the scripts folder. Copy the CDlabel2.scm script into the folder & start up the Gimp program.

Click on the Xtns menu option in the main tools menu, then the Script-Fu sub option, next the Misc option & finaly select CD label… This will open the option box for the script. Set the background colour from the box (keep the size at 800) & press ok.

This will give you the empty CD template..


Now you have the choice of what you want to put on the CDcover.
Edit it like a normal Gimp picture or copy & paste on a scanned CDcover image.
I used a CD cover image as I was being lazy πŸ˜‰
You might need to resize the image to 800×800 pixels..


Once the image you want is in place, goto the Script-Fu option in the image menu & choose CD Mask from the Utils sub-menu. Press ok on the box that appears.
This will overlay the mask onto the picture.
Press Shift+Q to toggle the quick mask. This should now show your picture on the CD as it will appear when printed. Don’t worry about the red overlay as it won’t be printed.


When your ready to print, just choose print from the menu as normal. If a pop-up box appears, just press export (it won’t harm your image). Choose Print to CD in the media source option & set up the resolution that you want to use etc.

If you scroll further down in that same options box, you can fine tune the CD print settings using the sliders for CD horizontal/verticle fine adjustment.
Even at the default level these should be fine, although using these will allow you to get it pretty much spot-on.
I needed to set my horizontal slider to -0.02, but I would have been happy enough with the default setting’s. **Warning** The sliders revert back to their default setting everytime.


Set up your cd in the printers tray & press print.


It’s as easy as that :D.
Surprisingly enough.. this actually works better than in Windows, as the windows version never let’s you print at the higher reolutions.
Most printable CD’s are only of the lower printable quality anyway, but it’s still nice to have the option.

Big thank’s to every one that’s made this possible.


48 thoughts on “Print direct to CD/DVD Epson R200,R300,R310..

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  2. This would be very cool if I could get my r310 working on Ubuntu. Would be forever indebted if you could point me in the direction of how you got yours working…

    Thanks for the post!

  3. As far as I was aware Anna, It should work without any hassles?

    Try this:
    Make sure that it is unplugged & there are no references to the printer within Ubuntu’s printing utility.
    Turn off the printer completely & the computer.
    Plug the USB cable back into the computer & turn the printer back on.
    DON’T turn the computer back on until the printer is fully restarted.
    Once the printers calmed itself down a bit, turn the computer back on & login as normal.
    Go to Ubuntu’s printing utility again & add the printer by double clicking New Printer.
    It SHOULD detect the correct printer model & point you to the correct driver to use?

    If it adds the printer ok, right click the new printer icon & select Properties.
    This will bring up the printers options software.
    Choose the Print a Test Page button down at the bottom to see if it’s actually working as it should.

    If it still won’t work, let me know & I’ll see if I can get you any more info on it πŸ™‚

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  5. Not too sure which one’s you mean Marco..
    The printers only print on normal CD/DVD’s, they’re not made to print on every type out there. The one’s that your on about must be special and designed for a Gamecube or something?
    It might still be possible to do it, but not without some tweaking.

  6. Under Gutsy with Gimp 2.42 I am unable to get the R200 to print a CD.
    The tray is positioned correctly and as the print head begins to move the tray is rolled out
    of the printer and all three lights begin flashing. Once or twice it was drawn into the printer, then rolled forward and backward, but ultimately nothing was printed and the tray finally came out.
    After that, I close the CD tray and the printer proceeds to print the image (with the CD mask) on paper.
    I’ve tried pushing the tray slightly past the arrows and starting it just in from of the arrows but nothing seems to work.
    I have purchased the new model tray in hopes that would make a difference.
    I’ve been struggling with this for many weeks on and off, and would really appreciate any suggestions.

  7. -(number) is usually Down or Left and +(number) is usually Up or Right.
    I’m pretty certain it moved Left with the -2 on mine Paul, but I haven’t done it in a while.

    Cheers for the help in answering some of these questions too πŸ™‚

  8. Just like Knee Deep… I have the R200 and my gutsy doesn’t seem to want to print. It brings in the CD tray part way then spits it out then just sits there with the Paper Button just flashing. Anyone else have a R200 they can get to print a cd/dvd?

  9. Trip,
    Trust me I’ve tried that… I’ve had this printer for awhile now it has been working great. I just never tried printing to a CD/DVD before from nix.
    What happens is that it sucks in the CD tray the print head then goes over it one time.. then it spits it back out?!?!
    I wanna try the Epson Print CD via wine and see what I get. Maybe it’s the printer or something? I’ve even tried 3 different types of printable DVD’s…. same thing 😦

    I want my archives to look pretty also…. hehehe

  10. Hey gang:

    I’ve just upgraded to Hardy and have found that while it supports Gutein Print its not printing labels properly so watch out


  11. Fixed….
    I stupid me… there wasn’t enough room in the back of the printer to allow the CD tray to be utilized fully. Once I took it off the shelf it was one and placed into a roomier area… voila!!!

    I feel sooo noooobish.. oh welll…. a so it go.

  12. @Paul – damn, not had a chance to test it myself, I’ll see if anything can be done about it when I do though. Have you submitted a bug report yet?

    @Yatta – Not a great deal I can say really πŸ˜‰

  13. @Paul – The following address will give you a quick guide to reporting bugs through Launchpad.
    It should probably be submitted as a bug in the Gutein Print software? I’m not too sure, but if you report it and leave as much info as possible, a developer will help you out. I should have a clean install of Hardy from Friday and will do some testing then and help you out as much as possible too.

    If you have any questions before then please feel free to email me πŸ™‚

  14. p.s Before submitting a new bug report on Launchpad, please do a quick search to make sure that nobody’s already reported the same bug. If they have you can just add your info to that one πŸ™‚

  15. I tried printing to a printable DVD in Linux once so far, and it seemed to put too much ink on the disk (and quality setting was too low also). So the results weren’t great. I hate to do too much experimenting and wasting good discs, so I was hoping for some starting points on the printer settings from others…

    What paper type (matte, premium glossy, etc) do you select when printing on a DVD? I assume that was my biggest problem, it may have been set for plain paper.

    Any other advice or tips for the actual printer settings would be greatly appreciated also!

    Thanks in advance!
    -Brian H
    Epson Stylus Photo R280
    Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron)

  16. I set it to MATT paper myself for cd’s with a WHITE label. This should let u print on the highest settings and will print slower so the ink has time to dry. Can take a while but I’ve found the results to be spot on.

    For cd’s with the SILVER label try it on GLOSS. These can be a bit smoother.

    Hope that helps πŸ™‚

  17. I’ve finally managed to successfully print some CDs although there is a tiny margin on both the outer and inner circles. I’d like to be able to print the entire surface of the disc, including the hub – I have set the printer to print to the hub but it still leaves that 1-3/4″ area unprinted.

    Can someone tell me what I need to do?

  18. Thank you #23 Trip you may have felt a fool, but i recently bought a new computer running vista and moved the printer at the same time. Have been trying to solve this “vista” problem for a couple of hours, only to find that after reading your blog there wasn’t enough room behind the printer.

    Thanks again

  19. Yatta,

    I have a setting in the printer dialog that allows printing to the hub – maybe this will work for you?
    The mask itself shouldn’t need any adjusting.

  20. Guys, I am trying to print directly on a CD with an Epson Photo Stylus R200 but am having some problems.

    First of all, I put the CD Label2.scm file in the Scripts folder for Gimp 2.6.

    The menus have changed in Gimp 2.6. Now the Script Fu shows up in the main menu. When I click it I see the option for CD mask. It does not say CD Label. When I click that I don’t get an options box for the script. Well I do but it is very limited. It has a checkbox for “mini CD”, and help, reset, cancel, and ok buttons. No other options at all.

    Also, it seems that no matter what I do, I can’t get the image to scale 100% when printed. It always looks too small.

    Does anyone have a clue as to what I am doing wrong? Thanks for any help you can give.

  21. Guys,

    I got it working. Looks like I didnt have foomatic printconf (I believe that’s what fixed it) installed. Please excuse my newbieism since I am a fairly new windows convert.

    BTW.. the Script Fu menu that you want to pull up to find the “CD label” option is under the “Filters” menu option. In case anyone else needed that.

  22. Hi guys,

    I’m quite new to Ubuntu, and the only thing I’m currently unable to do that I used to with XP, is print labels on my printable DVDs. I’m trying to print using an Epson R285 (UK model). I’ve followed the guide above, but something’s clearly not right, the best I get is the top left corner of the image to print, and if the whole image had printed it would be way too big, as if its not been scaled to fit the cd, I’ve resized the image to 800X800. I’ve done numerous searches on the web, but to no avail. I doubt it makes any difference, but I’m using verbatim full face DVDs.

    Thanks in advance


  23. Great Article thanks very much.

    I’m using ubuntu 9.10 and it worked flawlessly with a few notational changes
    1.) In 9.10 the gimp-print deb package is deprecated because it’s already a part of the standard gimp install package.
    2.) There is no longer an Xtns Menu Item so you need to select the Filters menu item and look for the 2nd Script-fu menu item and then its simply >misc>CD Label to create a new blank workspace
    3.) The Script-fu option in the image menu isn’t there, it’s actually in it’s own top level menu item, and again once you’ve found the starting point the instructions remain as per the article.

    also the gimp interface has evolved somewhat but it’s very intuitive, just remember to set thing sup in the print dialog and don’t accidentally print this web page instead of you CD image because you’ve been alt-tabbing so much you forget where you are.

  24. Works perfectly with Epson PX700W

    For full face labels you can edit the script like this:

    ;; Utility to calculate the inner radius
    (define (inner-diam diameter mini)
    (if (= mini TRUE) (/ diameter 3.1) (/ diameter 5.1)))

    Editing like this will give a normal sized label with the “mini” option ticked and a full face with the default (non-mini) setting.

    Remember to adjust your printer options for CD and “Print to hub”.

  25. The procedure worked for my Epson R260. Initially I was seeing the same “top left corner” as FSARoyster reported. But I realized that despite selecting print to CD, the page was being centered on the default Letter sized page. I used a custom paper size of 120mm x 120mm then everything printed as expected.


  26. One of the reasons I bought my R340 (two years ago, I think) was it’s ability to print to CD’s. Back then, before I bought the R340 I made sure I could print to CD’s with it on Linux. Over these last two years or so, only problem I have had happened was when GIMP changed versions and the script was moved to Filters>Script-Fu location. Had an “Operator Error” (OE) finding it. But, I did find it.

    Great job. Thanks for your work, Trip.

  27. Doesn’t work with Gimp 2.6.8

    Script-Fu: CD mask

    Image: (Empty)
    Drawable: (Empty)

    Can’t change the above selections

    Click OK & get…

    CD mask Message

    Error while executing script-fu-CD-mask:

    Error: Procedure execution of gimp-image-undo-group-start failed on invalid input arguments: Procedure ‘gimp-image-undo-group-start’ has been called with an invalid ID for argument ‘image’. Most likely a plug-in is trying to work on an image that doesn’t exist any longer.

    Any ideas?

  28. THNX man, this works fine with EPSON Stylus Photo RX610

    I just needed to adjust a bit the position of the cover in the preferences, its all about practice, too bad that I spoiled 2 printable CD’s, but worth Γ±_Γ± hahaha


    • Doesn’t work with Epson R380. Job shows up in the Queue as ‘processing’ and the printer light blinks then it finishes (as though the print job completed) but the printer does nothing.

  29. Maybe it’s just me, but since I moved my old Epson R300 from a Windows computer to Linux, I don’t bother doing anything special to print CD/DVD labels anymore. When I select the Epson printer, the gutenprint driver has adjustments for inner and outer diameter, adjustments, etc..

    I just set up a 120mm x 120mm document, add transparency, select a circular area that touches the four sides, invert the selection and delete it. A second inner circle the size of the hole is knocked out. I save this as a template for future use.

    Then I create the label I want. A normal print dialogue does the output.

    But hey, that’s just me. πŸ™‚

    Hats off to the Gimp/Gutenprint team for the great driver.

    • That’s great Gary and I’ll definitely give it a go myself, cheers for sharing πŸ™‚

      I wrote this tutorial a while back when the Gutenprint driver wasn’t as stable and didn’t offer half as many options as it does now and it took a lot more messing about to get working. Glad there’s now an easier way to do it πŸ˜€

      I’d also like to say a big thanks to the Gutenprint devs for the great driver too. It’s a shame that I’ve now sworn off from using Epson printers due to the crappy Linux support from the company and because the printers waste far too much ink 😦

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  31. Oh my goodness! Amazing article dude! Many thanks, However
    I am having troubles with your RSS. I don’t know the reason why I am unable to join it. Is there anybody getting identical RSS issues? Anyone that knows the answer will you kindly respond? Thanx!!

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