G5 iPod Video..

Sorry I’ve not posted much recently, but I’ve been busy playing with my new toy πŸ˜‰

I am pleased to say, that the iPod Video (G5) can work perfectly with Ubuntu Dapper from a clean install. It doesn’t even have the detect only once bug that the G4 has.

You might have a bit of trouble in finding a program that can transfer all of the different file types that the iPod Video can use..

GTKPod does a pretty good job at transfering the audio files, but all the video files that you upload will appear in the Movies folder on your iPod. Regardless of whever they are movies or music videos. It won’t do photo’s, album art or anything else though at the moment. Other programs can do 2 or 3 things as well, but there doesn’t seem to be one single program with full support at the moment.


Rather than messing about with trying to find one program that can transfer all the of the files.. I went ahead to test out Rockbox, just on the off chance that it would do a better job. It did a perfect job & I love my new dualboot iPod Video πŸ˜€

You don’t need any extra software to transfer files to the iPod if your using Rockbox, as it makes your iPod get detected from any operating system as a standard external hard drive. This means that you can put your music, photo’s, video’s, playlists & album art anywhere on your iPod, & it will use them as if they were uploaded normaly with iTunes or some other dedicated iPod software.

Why does a normal iPod change all of your media’s folder & filenames?

I now use the default iPod operating system for viewing video’s (Rockbox can’t do this yet!) & I use Rockbox for everything else. If it wasn’t for the lack of video support through Rockbox, I would have completely removed the default operating system.

I’ve put together an UbuntuFS theme for Rockbox on the G5 iPod, which can be downloaded here!. This uses my fave background, mixed together with a modified version of the iPodUbuntu theme that can be downloaded from here!. I’ve also included a matching background for the laptop & a screen shot in the Desktop folder of the .zip file.



3 thoughts on “G5 iPod Video..

  1. Hello,

    on iPod G5 60GB.
    Great compared to the oiriginal interface,
    but sofar I renamed the backdrop image before loading the theme.. and it does not load it anymore with the original name anymore. I guess i screwed it up and might have to erase the theme and redo it all?


  2. Yeh.. I did the exact same thing myself the first time..
    Just delete the theme from the iPod (in the rockbox folder) & install it again.
    Glad you like it πŸ˜€

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