Keeping it clean..

I like the look of the FS laptops, but they are a complete pain to keep clean. It’s even worse for those of us that smoke, as the cigerette tar can turn that nice grey keyboard into a yellow sticky mess.

I’ve developed my own little system to try & combat this problem, so I thought that I’d share it with every one..


Hand wash is the easiest way to help keep your laptop keyboard clean. You only need a little blob of this stuff & it dries into your hands without the need to wash off.

The hand wash only keeps the dirt on your hands from getting onto the laptop’s keyboard though. How do you get rid of things like dust & the yellow tar stains?

For this I turn to everday domestic Tumble Dryer Sheets..


These packs of sheet’s can be bought cheaply from most shops or super market’s, but work wonderfully for keeping your laptop stain free & smelling nice & fresh.

The sheets are made to attract dust & smell nice when heat is applied to them. The chemicals in the sheets have been made to be gentle on most types of materials, including.. plastics for buttons & metal for zip’s etc. I’ve been using these sheets for over 6 months without incident & they work even good enough to remove most of the cigareete tar & all of the smoke smell from the laptop.


Use these at your own risk. They should be safe, but you can never tell when trying chemicals on different types of plastics. First test one of the sheets on a small area, on all the different types of plastic on your laptop & never use anything but a damp cloth or dedicated screen wipes on your TFT screen. The TFT screens in laptops are made of a very thin plastic which can be ruined by most chemicals with ease.


These sheets can sometime’s come out of the box feeling very greasy & it would be quite a good idea to leave one out in the open for about a day before applying it to your laptop. I tend to leave mine on the dashboard of my car for a day or so, as the car suffers from the smell of smoke every bit as much as the laptop does.

Once the sheet has dried out a touch, you can place it on the keyboard of your laptop & close the lid while it’s turned on. The heat generated by the laptop, will activate the sheets dust attracting properties & help to remove the dust from under neath the keyboard. It will also get the sheets smell inside of the keyboard & laptop too. Make sure that you put something (a couple of sheets of paper will do) inbetween the TFT screen of the laptop & the sheet before closing the lid. You really don’t want anything to happen to your screen.

You should only need to use 1-2 sheets a week, so a box of 40 sheets will last quite a while.
Just another word of warning.. check that the sheets don’t have a very strong smell, as it can be over powering if you choose the wrong one’s. You don’t want people looking at you strange because of the smell, when you take your laptop out & about 😉
This is how I look after my laptop as it’s cheap & does quite a goodjob, but I would be interested to find a better solution if anyone’s got one?


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