Just wanted to say sorry to the people that have come to the site looking for easy fixes to their FS laptop hardware problems. Not a great deal that can be done about them at the moment I'm afraid 😦

The key's can supposedly be set to work by using the info on this forum. I can't prove this as I don't yet have the knowledge (or the confidence) to try it. Like most of you, I'm still fairly new to Ubuntu/Linux in general & am just learning myself. The dev's have been told about this however & I think that they have forwarded the info to the people behind the sonypi module. They should be able to impliment a fix in a new release of the sonypi module.. sometime soon I hope.

It looks like the people with GM chipsets in their laptops, are suffering from different problems than the people with the PM chipsets. This seems to include the FE laptops as they are basicaly the same as the FS models, with the exception of running dual core processors.

I've passed the spec sheets onto the dev's, which should give them a better understanding of the machines & problems that they are trying to fix, but it's a case of waiting to see from now on.

The problems that the PM people are having that the GM one's don't, are that the Splashscreen has only 8-bit RGB & the brightness doesn't work correctly. The brightness seems to effect getting the laptop out of suspend too 😦
Hibernate & suspend should be fixed given time. Suspend already worked fine for me (GM model) up untill about 2 weeks before the official release of Dapper, but then somehow got screwed up again.
No chance to get the memory card reader working at all by the looks of it, not without Sony's help anyway. Maybe we should start an online petition to send them using petitiononline.com. It could help??

As you can see.. steps have been taken to sort out all the major problems with the FS laptop's, but unless some of you are pretty talented programmers.. I guess that we'll just have to wait & see what happens.


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