Where’s the pictures?

Sorry about the lack of images on the site at the moment. You might also be getting a popup every time you try to veiw the site, asking for a user name & password.

This is because I’ve had to stop using my account at file lodge for hosting the photo’s, due to them being taken over by another company & making it a complete pain in the a*se to use. I don’t mind one or two adverts, but they’ve gone too far with that site 😦

The files are currently hosted on my personal web space, but I never expected it to ask me for the password every time that I wanted to link to a file. As you can guess, I’m looking for some where else to host them.

Hopefully it won’t take me long to find one, so please bear with me..

p.s. On the plus side though, I did notice that most of the pictures were saved as .png files instead of .jpg. These have all been converted, sharpened & compressed, so the site should load up in your web browser a lot faster from now on 😀

*** EDIT ***

After spending about about 7 hours trying out different image hosting services, I finaly settled on ImageShack.

It’s got to be said that I’m really pleased with the service that you get from them. I just wish that I’d tried them first, could have saved me a lot of messing about 😦


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