Rom Archive Tutorial..

Beginners Archive Tutorial

.rom Archives:
.roms normally come in .zip ,.rar ,.tar or .7z file archives. These are just containers to hold & compress the .roms, so they won’t take up as much room on your storage device & will download easier/faster.
A lot emulators have archive support built into them, that allow you to keep the roms inside the archive (mostly .zip archives) while still being able to play the games. – Is the home of the 7zip open source file archiver.
It can handle all 4 of the formats easily & would probably be the best thing for new users to install.
It will allow you to extract files from compressed archives, as well as create new archives or veiw the contents of already made one’s.

This is basically the same as the WinRAR & WinZip programs but it’s completely free & opensource biggrin.gif

How to Install 7zip, rar & unrar programs on Ubuntu Linux:
First of all you need to to add the extra repositories. Try looking here for the guide 🙂

***p.s You can find the terminal on the top menu bar in Applications/Accessories/Terminal, left mouse click on it to start a new terminal.***

To install the needed archive support, just type into the first line in the terminal sudo apt-get install rar p7zip-full unrar & press the enter key to begin the installation.
Feel free to close down the terminal now, as you won’t be needing it any more.
The .zip & .tar archives should be supported by default.

To use, simply right click the desired archive & select either..

Open with “Archive Manager” – Will open the archive within the main archive manager program.
File Roller is the archive manager for Ubuntu Linux & 7zip just works in the background unseen by the user.
It’s also the same for rar & unrar, which add full .rar support to the File Roller program.

Extract Here – Will extract the files from within the archive to your current location.

Create Archive… – Will collect together all currently selected files & allow you to save them within one new archive, that will be placed at your current location.

How to Install 7zip on Windows:
Click Here! & download the .exe version for easier installation. It’s most likely to be the first download link that you come to.
Install it the same way that you would install any program on Windows by double clicking & following the on screen prompts (basically just keep pressing next until it’s finished, then click close wink.gif ).
Once installed you can right click on any of the archive files & you should notice a new entry within the menu that pops up called 7zip. This will give you the choice of doing different things to the archive.

Extract Files – Will open the archive within 7zip’s main archive manager program.

Extract Here – Will extract the files from within the archive to your current location. If your on the desktop & you choose extract Here, then the files will be extracted straight to the desktop without using 7zip’s main archive manager program.

Test Archive – Will test the archive & make sure it doesn’t have any defects or problems.

Add To Archive – Will collect together all currently selected files & allow you to save them within one archive. The new archive will (usually) be saved at your current location.

Extra Info:
Multiple part .rar archives:
Sometimes roms are downloaded in .rar archives that have more than one part to them (example.. goodgame.part1.rar & goodgame.part2.rar).
You will need to extract all of these archives into the same folder, starting with the lowest number archive first & extracting your way up the list.. before finishing with the highest number archive.
These should all join together to form one single new archive.
(It can sometimes create empty folders in the same location but these can be safely deleted.)

.tar archives:
.tar archives can sometimes act a little different when used within the Windows operating systems. You can extract the downloaded archive & there will be another archive inside that looks just the same. You will need to extract the contents of that archive too, before you find the files that you need.
Linux doesn’t have this problem with .tar archives & just extracts the needed files as if they were only within one archive.


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  2. It still does not show how it is done….I download programs and it says open with archive manager…I extract….then they really do not install…usuing Gutsy 7.10

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