Renewed Hope..

Some of you might have noticed that I haven’t updated this blog in quite some time & here’s the reason why..

I did quite a lot of bug testing prior to the final Dapper release with my Sony VAIO VGN-FS215E laptop. Unfortunately though I ended up being very disappointed with the completed release version of Dapper.

During the bug testing things really seemed to be starting to be coming together well. Suspend started to work as it should, the Hibernate function still didn’t work, but it didn’t screw up the system after a failed attempt either & a lot of the small annoying problems were on their way to be improved or completely fixed.

Then about 2 weeks before the final release of Dapper, everything just seemed to go wrong again & new bugs started to appear like crazy with every update. Needless to say that there simply wasn’t enough time left to get the bugs sorted out again before the final release date.

Devastated by the final Dapper release, I awaited the release of version Edgy.
Unfortunately this was even worse. I have never managed to get any version of Ubuntu Edgy Eft installed on this laptop. I couldn’t even get a live CD to load up on the damn thing 😦

I tried completely wiping the hard drive & starting again, I tried the alternative install CD & I went through all the forum threads but ended up with one very simple choice. I could either stick to using the less than perfect Dapper version, or I could switch to a new distribution.

I missed out the Edgy release completely & hoped that the Feisty release (due out in April) would bring with it some sort of improvements that would renew my faith in Ubuntu & the Ubuntu devs.

Ubuntu Feisty Fawn – Herd 4 beta release..

I downloaded & installed the herd 4 beta release of Feisty Fawn yesterday & all I can say about it so far is WOOT!

Not fully tested it all yet, but it seems to be fine so far & I even got AIGLX & Beryl installed/running hassle free by using the guide at
I’ll make a new post with a list of the old Dapper problems & test them out one at a time with Feisty Fawn to see how it’s coming along.

Have the Ubuntu devs redeemed themselves in my eye’s with Feisty?
I guess only time will tell on that one, but it’s certainly looking promising 😀


One thought on “Renewed Hope..

  1. > I have never managed to get any version of Ubuntu Edgy Eft
    > installed on this laptop.

    hi david,

    i have edgy running on my fs215e now, since yesterday. what i did
    was upgrade from dapper via ‘dpkg -c’, which aborted after half an hour
    telling me politely it would leave my system “in an inconsistent state”.
    well, i certainly couldn’t get x started afterwards. i was able to fix the
    mess by manually deleting some broken symlinks and running
    ‘apt-get update / install’ …. and now everything is almost fine.
    i still do not have sound, any idea about that?

    (by the way, the live cd wouldn’t boot on my laptop either.)


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