Gnome Graphics Tablet Apps..

While testing out Feisty, I happened to get a little side tracked.. yet again. I managed to get my Wacom graphics tablet working with pressure sensitivity & stumbled across some of the best software that I’ve seen on Linux so far while doing it.

Gnome Graphics Tablet Apps is basically a graphical front end to xsetwacom. Even though It’s only in the early stages of development (first post on the home page was on the 5th February 2007), I’ve had this working in Feisty with absolutely no trouble at all.

This is the (optional) Gnome taskbar application that’s installed with the package:


This is the main program which let’s you configure & test your graphics tablet:


The new tablet icon that’s placed within the Gnome Control Centre:


After all the complaints of the graphic tablet software on Linux not looking as good as the Windows versions (or working quite as well), It’s great to finally see some real improvements in this area.

I can’t see it being too long before this is available direct from the repo’s. At least for now though there’s an easily installed Ubuntu deb file for testing.

Nice one Alex Mac 😀

p.s. The top two images are taken straight from the softwares home page, as my tablets not capable of showing all the options working correctly.. yet!


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