Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning for Download..

“Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning is a feature-length sci-fi parody, seven
years in the making. It is the product of a core group of five Finns,
and over 300 extras, assistants and supporters. The film combines
world-class visual effects, a rough-and-ready sense of humour, and a
passion that provide the basis for the first-ever Finnish science
fiction adventure.”


I really wasn’t expecting a great deal from this film with it being a freebie, but I’m glad I took the time to download it.

It’s not half as cheesy as I expected it to be. Don’t get me wrong it still smells slightly of Danish Blue, but hey! that’s what I expect from a parody. The acting isn’t the worse that I’ve seen, the jokes actually made me laugh out loud on a few occasions (shout my rank) & I never felt the urge to gouge my eyes out from their sockets whilst singing along to the Tweenies theme tune. Up to that point it’s a pretty good p*ss taking film in it’s own right.


Where it really starts to show off though is the effects. IMHO the effects in this film are better than any of the Star Trek or Babylon 5 films that it’s taken from. How the hell they managed to do that on home computer systems is beyond me, but the effects alone are worth the download.


Would I watch it again? Yes,

Will I download the second one when it’s finished? Yes,

Is it funnier than any of the Scary Movie films.. What Isn’t?


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