An Apology :(

A couple of days ago I made a new post titled Fn Key Update.. ( now removed), in which I stated that the Ubuntu dev’s had altered the Ubuntu code to include the sony_acpi patch. I’ve now found this to be untrue. The key presses are detected, but the keys don’t all register unique key codes 😦

If you want to get your Fn keys working, you will still need to apply the sony_acpi patch before installing the Sony Fn Key software. Don’t worry too much though, as it’s really easy to do & I’m already working on an easy to follow tutorial for new users.

Before then, here’s a little more info for you..

If you read through my last post entitled Messing With The Brightness.., you’ll notice that the sony_acpi files remove themselves after every restart of the laptop, or as soon as you close down the terminal that you started it from.

If you install the sony_acpi patch you won’t have this problem any more. Three static files will be made in the /proc/acpi/sony/ folder called brightness, brightness_default & fsfn.
These files will now be there after a restart & sony_acpi will also auto start 🙂

This is good news & will allow me to actually start writing a tutorial on how to put the Fn key to good use.

I’ll be doing the FN Key Tutorial in 3 parts..

Part 1 – How to set up your laptops bios to use the keys & how to install the sony_acpi patch.

Part 2 – Guides you through the downloading, installing & testing of the Sony Fn Key software.

Part 3 – This will be all about the fine tuning your Sony Fn Keys configuration file & making the software auto run at boot.

I’ll hopefully have part 1 of the tutorial on the site within the next 2 days. I’m still working on the other 2 parts myself though at the moment & I don’t want to write tutorials for others to follow until I can get my head around it all myself.

Cheers for visiting the site 🙂


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