FS Hardware Cheat Sheets..

A while ago I made a couple of FS Hardware Cheat Sheets, that included information on all of the different model of laptops within the VGN-FS VAIO range.

I’ve recently changed over my broadband provider & in doing so I forgot to download the files from the web space that they were stored on (doh!). Of course this means that I haven’t got any copies of these files myself now 😦

I would be very grateful if those of you that downloaded the files from me, could look over your hard drives to see if you still have them & send me them back somehow. These files took me over week to make & I really don’t want to have to do them all over again lol.

These are the links to the original posts..

FS Hardware Cheat Sheets

FS-USA Hardware Cheat Sheets

Even if you only have the PDF files, please get in touch with me 🙂


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