Internet Radio the easy way..

Streamtuner is a dedicated program for tuning into & recording from Internet radio stations.


I call it a program, but it’s more like an interface or a framework than a program itself. It includes a very useful plug-in system for adding new sources of stations & it allows you to use which ever music player you like to play the streams.

The recording feature needs Streamripper installing before it will work. This is very painless though & can be used by other audio programs on your system too.

Being able to record a station is a sweet feature, but the ability to search for & tune into stations is the main draw to the program. You can search by name, bit-rate or genre etc. & tune into stations from..

SHOUTcast Yellow Pages

Live365 directory (aka, aka Oddsock) directory

Google Stations & more..

It also allows you to view the web page for the chosen station from within your web browser (if the station has one).

The software isn’t being worked on a great deal any more, as it’s pretty much feature complete already. The last release was in 2004 & there hasn’t been any major bugs discovered since then.. hence the lack of updates 🙂

If your serious about listening to your favourite internet radio stations, or if you’ve never tried Internet radio before & are currently wondering what all the hype is about, then I would highly recommend this software to you.

Installation & configuration with the Audacious Media Player:

XMMS has for a long time been one of the most popular media players for Linux. Unfortunately it’s starting to show it’s age a bit now a days being a GTK+1 program & is slowly getting replaced by the more up to date Audacious Media Player.

XMMS would have been replaced by Beep Media Player that was originally forked from XMMS, but Beep was discontinued & in itself forked off into Audacious. Confused yet?

Audacious sticks to all the same principles as Beep Media Player & XMMS, offering a very light weight + stable player, with support for WinAMP skins (not the modern one’s) & an extensive plugin system for audio & visual codecs.

That’s the sales pitch over with; now to get it all set up 😉

To install Streamtuner, Audacious & Streamripper; enter into a terminal..

sudo apt-get install streamtuner audacious streamripper

This will install all three of the programs that you need for finding stations (Streamtuner), playing them (Audacious) & recording from them (Streamripper).

Configuring for Audacious:

Click on the Edit menu at the top of Streamtuners main window & select Preferences. You need to point some of the programs Applications shortcuts to the correct location by issuing them new commands..


Just replace all instances of xmms with audacious. You won’t need to change the command for Record as stream, as it’s already set up to work with Streamripper. Streamtuners Tune in & Record buttons will now work as expected.

The recording of the station by Streamripper will be saved within your home folder. It will be in a new folder with the same name of the station that it was recorded from.

Rock on 😉


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