Windows Package Management on Linux..

Personally I never use Commercial Windows programs any more.. not even on a Windows computer. I use open source software as much as possible; failing that I use decent freeware from sites like SnapFiles. That doesn’t mean that I don’t understand the need for people to continue using Windows software on their Ubuntu laptop though.

Wine-Doors is an attempt to make the installing of Windows software on an open source operating system as painless & hassle free as possible. Once the project has had the chance to mature a little more, you will be able to download & Install all the needed files to run a piece of Windows software just like you do when installing Linux software through the Synaptic Package Manager in Gnome. Not only that, but it will also install icons for the programs into your Gnome menu.

To put a finer point on it.. you will be able to install & run Windows software, as if it was made for the Linux operating system hurrah!

The project is currently in the very early stages, but there are some programs that work with it already (Half Life 2 anyone?) & I’m betting a lot more to come. I won’t go too much into the technical details of the software, but simply tell you to head over to the home page & check it out for yourself if you still feel the need to run Windows software.

I’d like to wish the Wine-Doors team members the best of luck with this project. It’s a pretty big task that they’ve decided to undertake & the results could help to attract a lot of new users to Linux + bring about more awareness of open source software in general.


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