Speed up your Internet for free..

For those of you that don’t already know; Domain Name System (or DNS for short) is used to translate a web sites Domain Name into its true IP address.

EXAMPLE: This sites Domain Name is http://ubuntufs.wordpress.com/, but the true address of where it resides on the internet will be something like

To get to this site you enter the Domain Name into your web browser, the Domain Name is then checked by a DNS server to find out what the true IP address of the site is. You are then automatically directed to the correct IP address & location of the server that hosts my site.

Most people have never bothered to change which DNS severs they use & just stick to using the one that’s supplied to them by their Internet Service Provider (ISP). This is a big mistake as it’s very easy to change your DNS & the result can lead to a faster, more secure & ultimately more enjoyable Internet experience.

OpenDNS is a project that puts more control within the hands of the computer user. They have a network of fast DNS servers around the world & your computer/network will always use the one closest to you ensuring the best results.

Why Use It:

Better speeds always a good thing when it comes to your Internet connection, but in what other ways can OpenDNS help you out?..

Even the best typers can make mistakes, so OpenDNS can sometimes fix wrongly typed web site addresses for you. EXAMPLE: If you’re using OpenDNS, then ubuntufs.og will lead directly to ubuntufs.org.

OpenDNS can identify and stop sites trying to phish (steal) your personal information or money.

OpenDNS lets you block specifics websites from loading through Domain Blocking. This helps to protect the people using your computer or network from visiting specific websites.

With OpenDNS, you can also create shortcuts that let you type something small into your address bar & it’ll take you straight to where you want to go. EXAMPLE: typing 2x into my address bar would take me straight to http://www.gp32x.com.

One of the best things about OpenDNS, is that no software needs to be installed on your system to try it out & all changes are easy to revert back (if the need ever arises). It also works on any operating system or hardware that allows you to change the DNS address.

If you use a router or switch for your home network, you might be able to change the DNS address that the hardware uses. This will let all the computers on your network use OpenDNS automatically, without you having to change configurations for each computer separately.

OpenDNS Business Plan:

People are always suspicious when it comes to free things like this, so I’ll go ahead & tell you how they make money from it & still manage to keep it free for people like you & me..

The OpenDNS team make money from generic results only. If you enter something into your web browsers address bar that isn’t an official web site address, the page that appears will contain search results & some advertisements that the team will make money on when clicked;..


..don’t worry as the advertisements are unobtrusive & won’t get in your way (there are no pop-ups). This is pretty much the same type of system that companies like Google use, except the OpenDNS team don’t get paid for producing biased results 😉


I’ve been using OpenDNS on my Ubuntu-FS laptop & Windows games machine for about a month so far & haven’t experienced any negative effects at all. Unfortunately I can’t change the DNS settings in my router to use OpenDNS as Sky have loaded it with their crippled firmware. It’s a shame, but I’ll just have to change all the computers in my house separately instead.

If OpenDNS sounds like a good idea & you want to give it a try your self, then check out the official getting started page here, or have a read through the tutorial that I put together here.


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