I’m finally getting to the end of the second part of my C.C.N.A Networking course and was planning on using my free time over the xmas period to catch up on the site. As always though something went wrong and I’m having to change my plans.

I was revising for my next exam yesterday whilst having a quick cup of tea and I happened to sneeze at the worst possible time. The tea jumped out of my cup, on to my laptop and started causing problems that ended by the laptop shutting itself down. I removed the back off the laptop (+ all the other removable parts like memory, hard drive etc.) and dried off the internals before putting it all back together and praying before switching it back on. I think you need to be religious for prayers to work because the laptops pretty much cream crackered 😦

The laptop powers up fine, but there’s nothing showing up on the screen, the keyboard lights are constantly on (it gives me 3 beeps to indicate a keyboard error sometimes) and the hard drive doesn’t seem to be spinning up correctly.

I’m pleased to say that It’s not all doom and gloom though. I’m getting a Nokia N800 internet tablet for xmas so I can still create new posts and improve the site as planned (even easier actually, as I can use the dedicated wordpress software and blog from anywhere that I can get an internet connection). As I need to get my laptop back open for another go at getting it to work, what better time will there be for me to write some new tutorials on hardware repairs?

I’ve been meaning to do the hardware tutorials for quite a while but held off on doing them until now. I only had the one laptop for testing Ubuntu on and I didn’t want to risk trashing it. Not much chance of making matters worse now though so what the hell..

I’ll start off slow with the tutorials and make one to show the newer users how to upgrade the simple things like the ram and hard drive. I’ll then delve a little deeper and show you how to remove the case, keyboard, screen, CD/DVD drive, CPU and maybe point out where some of the other bits and bats reside.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get my laptop working again by the time I’m finished writing all the hardware tutorials. If not then I guess I’ll have to be extra nice to the people who sort out the house insurance and hope that they’ll pay me out.

I’ve already put some work into the site over the past couple of months, but nothing too advanced. I’ve updated the Contact Me page of the site to include some improved contact information, a new Beta chatroom coutesy of Pibb and I’ve set up a box.net account for sharing all the files that I use in my tutorials (useful as a backup location mainly). I’ve also updated the Ubuntu Family page with updated information on some of the newer versions and variations of the Ubuntu operating system. Hopefully these additions to the site will be of use to you all.

Wish me luck with my repairs 🙂


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