Messing with the site again..

Yes, I’ve changed the theme of the site yet again. Not only to make the colours a little more (K)Ubuntu-ish, but this theme actually has flexible width and resizes itself to fit on different sizes of screens instead of always being the same size. This should make it a lot easier for users to navigate the site on mobile internet devices like the Nokia Internet Tablets and some of the smaller laptops such as the XO or the Eee PC.

The change over of themes didn’t go exactly as planned though. As the new theme is three columns wide and the old one was only two, I had to resize most of the images (in fact nearly all of them) on the site to make sure they displayed correctly in the centre column at lower resolutions.

I also took the time to grab the images that were hosted on Photobucket + Flickr, and uploaded them all directly into the site. It’s been worth the effort though, as the site should now display corretly at any resolution above 640×480.



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