Updated the FN key tutorials..

Thought I’d better update the old FN key tutorials to reflect recent changes..

Part 1 – You do not need to install the sony_acpi software anymore, as the new fsfn software doesn’t use it.

Part 2 – Install version 2.0.1 of the fsfn software from here instead of the old version.

Part 3 – All should work the same.

Not tested this myself yet, as the new .deb file works fine on my laptop. I’m aware however that a lot of people who come to the site use this tutorial on other models of laptop, so I thought I’d better update it to try and help them out a bit. Please let me know if it all works ok 🙂


4 thoughts on “Updated the FN key tutorials..

  1. There’s a better chance that it will Andrew.
    The main problem with compatibility before was that the sony_acpi software didn’t work on most of the other laptops. Now that piece of the software isn’t needed anymore, hopefully it won’t be as hard to get working.
    All you can do is try 🙂

    Did the tutorial ever work for you before?

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