Updated the FN key tutorials..

Thought I’d better update the old FN key tutorials to reflect recent changes..

Part 1 – You do not need to install the sony_acpi software anymore, as the new fsfn software doesn’t use it.

Part 2 – Install version 2.0.1 of the fsfn software from here instead of the old version.

Part 3 – All should work the same.

Not tested this myself yet, as the new .deb file works fine on my laptop. I’m aware however that a lot of people who come to the site use this tutorial on other models of laptop, so I thought I’d better update it to try and help them out a bit. Please let me know if it all works ok 🙂


FN keys in Hardy Heron nearly sorted :)

Toufik has just posted a .deb file on the Ubuntu Forum that should get the FN keys on your FS laptop working again but is in need of some testers.

After some testing myself the .deb file installed hassle free through Gdebi with a double click and the volume, brightness and mute buttons work. Not perfectly mind you as not all the buttons are configured by default yet, but easily good enough to use.

If your running the Beta version of Hardy then please head over to the forum, do some testing and leave some feedback. I’m not too sure if this will work on Gutsy or not but there’s a good chance that it will 🙂

Files installed by the .deb package..

usr/local/bin/fsfn – The fsfn main program file.

usr/local/share/man/man1/fsfn.1 – Manual on how to use the software.

usr/local/share/man/man5/fsfn.5 – Manual on how to use the software.

etc/init.d/fsfn – This is the script that starts and stops the daemon.

etc/fsfn.conf – The configuration file that you can edit to change your keys.

Nothing too dramatic here, but he’s done a great job of packaging it all up for us and it’s got to be the easiest way ever to get your FN keys working.

Thanks Toufik 😀

Damn, damn, damn..

Just tried my tutorials for enabling the brightness and FN keys in the Beta version of Hardy heron and none of them work anymore 😦

This is due to the Ubuntu devs changing the directories around I think?

Oh well! Looks like I’ll need to see if I can get them working again.

Bug #38316 is well and truly squashed :)

For those of you who don’t know what that means, Bug #38316 is my bug report for the hibernate function not working on my VGN-FS215E laptop.

This means that Hibernate should work perfectly on the VGN-FS laptops in the Hardy Heron Long Term Support (LTS) release of Ubuntu.. Hurrah!

I’ve also tested the Suspend feature with absolutely no problems 🙂

If you’d like to test this yourself and make sure it works for you too, you will first need to update to the Beta version of Hardy Heron. Read the update page here! You’d better hurry up though as there’s only 7 days to get them sorted out before the final version is released.

Huge thanks go to Greg Grossmeier and the rest of the Ubuntu developers for finaly kicking this bug in the nuts 🙂

Release Countdown

Toggle Desktop Effects..

After messing about testing Compiz on Hardy, I decided that although it worked well it still had one main problem left. It can interfere with some of the other programs installed in Ubuntu, mostly games and programs that use OpenGL.

I began looking for an easy way to disable it without having to go into the Preferences menu every time and I came across Compiz Switch. This software sits on your Desktops Start Menu + Task Bar and just needs a single click to turn all your effects off. When you want the effects turning back on, just click it again.

Compiz Switch

I’ve tested the version 0.2.0 .deb package on Hardy Heron Beta and haven’t found a problem with it yet.

To get it working, just download this package on Forlong’s Blog..

Ubuntu (this includes Kubuntu and Xubuntu)

Double click it to install using Gdebi and you should find a shortcut already in your Accessories menu called compiz-switch. If you want to make a Task Bar icon as well, just right click the menu entry and add this launcher to panel.

All I need to do now is figure out a way to auto disable/enable the effects when my laptop changes to and from battery mode and I’ll be completely happy 😀

Thanks to Forlong for making this super easy and for writing up an excellent tutorial on How to set up Compiz Fusion. Looks like I won’t need to write one myself after all. There’s a couple of things that I think he missed off, but I can always write a follow on tutorial to fill in the blanks later if I feel the need 🙂

p.s The image is straight from Forlong’s Blog. I’ll be replacing it with my own after the final version of Hardy comes out.

Here we go again..

I’ve been running the latest Beta version of Hardy Heron on my laptop for the last week or so. I decided to try a couple of my more basic tutorials like Messing with the Brightness, only to find that they don’t even work anymore. I’ll be doing a fresh install of Hardy when it’s released in 9 days anyway, so there’s not much point in me going over all the tutorials until the final version comes out. I know from experience how much the final version can differ from the Beta versions and it would be a waste of time to go through them all now.

On another note, I’ve been messing about with the Advanced Desktop effects for once. I haven’t bothered with them before as my VAIO’s not the most powerful around and I didn’t believe they would be that useful. After some tweaking though, I think I’ve actually found the right balance of bling v’s usefulness and it’s got to be said that I’m impressed. Be expecting a tutorial on this soon packed full of hints and tips 🙂