FN keys in Hardy Heron nearly sorted :)

Toufik has just posted a .deb file on the Ubuntu Forum that should get the FN keys on your FS laptop working again but is in need of some testers.

After some testing myself the .deb file installed hassle free through Gdebi with a double click and the volume, brightness and mute buttons work. Not perfectly mind you as not all the buttons are configured by default yet, but easily good enough to use.

If your running the Beta version of Hardy then please head over to the forum, do some testing and leave some feedback. I’m not too sure if this will work on Gutsy or not but there’s a good chance that it will 🙂

Files installed by the .deb package..

usr/local/bin/fsfn – The fsfn main program file.

usr/local/share/man/man1/fsfn.1 – Manual on how to use the software.

usr/local/share/man/man5/fsfn.5 – Manual on how to use the software.

etc/init.d/fsfn – This is the script that starts and stops the daemon.

etc/fsfn.conf – The configuration file that you can edit to change your keys.

Nothing too dramatic here, but he’s done a great job of packaging it all up for us and it’s got to be the easiest way ever to get your FN keys working.

Thanks Toufik 😀


FS Hardware Cheat Sheets..

A while ago I made a couple of FS Hardware Cheat Sheets, that included information on all of the different model of laptops within the VGN-FS VAIO range.

I’ve recently changed over my broadband provider & in doing so I forgot to download the files from the web space that they were stored on (doh!). Of course this means that I haven’t got any copies of these files myself now 😦

I would be very grateful if those of you that downloaded the files from me, could look over your hard drives to see if you still have them & send me them back somehow. These files took me over week to make & I really don’t want to have to do them all over again lol.

These are the links to the original posts..

FS Hardware Cheat Sheets

FS-USA Hardware Cheat Sheets

Even if you only have the PDF files, please get in touch with me 🙂

How many VGN-FS models are there?

I really need help on this one..

After producing the cheat sheet to show all the hardware in the different models of the FS series of laptops, I thought that most of the hardwork had been done. Little did I know that the American versions of the laptops were different to the european one's. I checked out this site here & have discovered 105 new model numbers to add to the cheat sheet & site.
The trouble is.. that I do not know if it's just the model numbers that are different, or if the hardware is different too?

I've started a new post in a forum on one of the sony support site's here, but if anyone else knows the answer then please contact me to let me know.

I'll go ahead with adding the new models to the list anyway & I'll set up new categories for them on the site. I can always cross reference them with their European counter parts later on if need be.