Updated the FN key tutorials..

Thought I’d better update the old FN key tutorials to reflect recent changes..

Part 1 – You do not need to install the sony_acpi software anymore, as the new fsfn software doesn’t use it.

Part 2 – Install version 2.0.1 of the fsfn software from here instead of the old version.

Part 3 – All should work the same.

Not tested this myself yet, as the new .deb file works fine on my laptop. I’m aware however that a lot of people who come to the site use this tutorial on other models of laptop, so I thought I’d better update it to try and help them out a bit. Please let me know if it all works ok 🙂


FN keys in Hardy Heron nearly sorted :)

Toufik has just posted a .deb file on the Ubuntu Forum that should get the FN keys on your FS laptop working again but is in need of some testers.

After some testing myself the .deb file installed hassle free through Gdebi with a double click and the volume, brightness and mute buttons work. Not perfectly mind you as not all the buttons are configured by default yet, but easily good enough to use.

If your running the Beta version of Hardy then please head over to the forum, do some testing and leave some feedback. I’m not too sure if this will work on Gutsy or not but there’s a good chance that it will 🙂

Files installed by the .deb package..

usr/local/bin/fsfn – The fsfn main program file.

usr/local/share/man/man1/fsfn.1 – Manual on how to use the software.

usr/local/share/man/man5/fsfn.5 – Manual on how to use the software.

etc/init.d/fsfn – This is the script that starts and stops the daemon.

etc/fsfn.conf – The configuration file that you can edit to change your keys.

Nothing too dramatic here, but he’s done a great job of packaging it all up for us and it’s got to be the easiest way ever to get your FN keys working.

Thanks Toufik 😀

Damn, damn, damn..

Just tried my tutorials for enabling the brightness and FN keys in the Beta version of Hardy heron and none of them work anymore 😦

This is due to the Ubuntu devs changing the directories around I think?

Oh well! Looks like I’ll need to see if I can get them working again.

Here we go again..

I’ve been running the latest Beta version of Hardy Heron on my laptop for the last week or so. I decided to try a couple of my more basic tutorials like Messing with the Brightness, only to find that they don’t even work anymore. I’ll be doing a fresh install of Hardy when it’s released in 9 days anyway, so there’s not much point in me going over all the tutorials until the final version comes out. I know from experience how much the final version can differ from the Beta versions and it would be a waste of time to go through them all now.

On another note, I’ve been messing about with the Advanced Desktop effects for once. I haven’t bothered with them before as my VAIO’s not the most powerful around and I didn’t believe they would be that useful. After some tweaking though, I think I’ve actually found the right balance of bling v’s usefulness and it’s got to be said that I’m impressed. Be expecting a tutorial on this soon packed full of hints and tips 🙂

New categories added..

With the impending release of the next long term support version of Ubuntu looming just around the corner, I’ve started to worry that people might get mixed up with what version of Ubuntu the articles on the site were made for and have been tested with.

Rather than me having to write the release version on all my tutorials etc., I thought I might be better off adding some new categories to the site then editing all the past articles to include the new links. This should make it a lot easier for people trying to find articles and tutorials for the version of Ubuntu that they’re running.

This will be even more important after the release of Hardy Heron, as the underlying technologies of GNU/Linux are starting to change dramatically and even minor tutorials will eventually become incorrect and obsolete.

I’ve currently added two new categories to the site..

Dapper Drake +


Hardy Heron +

All the Articles that have been posted up until now, will just be put in the Dapper Drake + category. The tutorials should still work for all the Ubuntu releases up to Hardy anyway, so I don’t really see the point in dividing them all up.

Any Articles written after the day this post is put online, will be split up into release sub categories within Hardy Heron +, such as..

Hardy Heron +

….Hardy Heron +1 – The version released after Hardy

….Hardy Heron +2 – The version after that

….Hardy Heron +3 – Etc.

I’ll add the categories for the later releases when I find out the names that they’ll be using. All posts for the later releases will also show up in the Hardy Heron + page.

If anyone has any useful idea’s for the site such as this one, please feel free to run it by me. All suggestions are welcome and credit will be given 🙂