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Unfortunately I’m used to hosting WordPress blogs on my own server & I didn’t know that the hosting supplied by, limit’s what the blogs readers can contribute to the blog.

Not to fear though as you can always send me a quick email or message to let me know of any good info that you find. Feel free to add comments to the blog too, but please send any tutorials or inquires to my email address.

If you need to email me for any reason, you can send it to

Full Stop

David Turner

The backup Location for all of the files on the Ubuntu-FS site can be found here, and any other files I’m sharing can be found here!


13 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Good day Sir.

    I am a sony avio lapton owner, bouth this about a few weeks ago 2nd had, the machine is about 5 months old and on Saturday night it went into hibernation automaticly. It shut down and when I tried starting it up, it just confirmed hibernation again.

    I then tried to restart the machine but with no luck, its just dead, the power lights come up, then the normal intel screen, but windows will not start, could you please help me with this, I have called sony but not very helpful, other laptop service companies will not helf either with out bringing in the machine.

    Thank you

  2. Hi!

    I have a brand new FE-Series laptop. It cames with 2 partitions: 1 hidden, and the snd. one is NTFS for WinXP. I would lilke to have a FAT partition to be accessed by both linux(ubuntu) and window However, when configuring the partitions, I just can define a maxinum number of 4 partitions, in order of the 5 needed:
    1. The hidden one
    2. WinXP
    3. FAT
    4. Ext3
    5. Swap

    How have you installed you ubuntu o.s. in your notebook? Did you copy the files of your hidden partition to CD’s?



  3. I’ve emailed javier his reply.

    To the others who have asked for help on this page..
    I don’t help people to run the Windows operating system on their laptop, there are plenty of sites out there to help you with that, as well as the official Sony Support sites.

    This web site is to help Linux users only, although you might find the links useful in the right hand side of the site.

    Sorry, but I hardly have the time to keep this site running & I can’t sort out every ones problems, when they don’t even have anything to do with the site itself.

  4. Hello!

    I wont buy memory (RAM) 1GB for my Notebook Sony Vaio
    VGN-FS 395 VP, but I can’t find that number on What I must looking for? DDR2, how many MHZ…

    is possibility to buy 2GB in “one part” not a 2x1GB?

    How many MHz I must have for that Notebook? 667 MHz is not to much for


    Is possibility to buy 2GB in “one part” not a 2x1GB?

  5. Hi there,
    I have a Sony VGN FS640 model laptop and I was wondering if you could help me out with regards to question I am asking. Currently my touch pad is not working… the right click touch pad which I can use to copy and paste. I was wondering if you have any solutions or know what the problem might be. I’ve been trying to press multiple times to see if it could work but it still can’t. If you have any answers, please help me. Thank you. Also, there are times when I have problems with the on and off button.

  6. hi there,
    i need where i can find the motherboard of VGN FS 8900 . I did something silly and i know u will laugh at me for it so i will not say it . so i will appreciate it so much if u can just show me where i can buy one . thanks .

  7. Sorry guys but I have no contacts for getting replacement parts at the moment. Try searching ebay or one of the qualified sony resellers on-line to get new motherboards 😦

  8. I have ubuntu 8.1 and I can’t get these darn FN keys mapped correctly. I have tried every tutorial under the sun, but to no avail. I have even tried changing the bios hotkey selection with no luck. All other keys work fine. I am guessing your tutorial only works for pre ~7.0 releases of ubuntu. Totally lost here. Btw, there is nothing in my procs/sony folder. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

  9. I cant get my vaio vgn-fs640/w to load the ubuntu os, what should I do, iv already tried moving around my BIOS but no luck, any answers?

  10. Hi,

    Since I install Win 7 on Sony Vaio VGN-FS395 I don´t get sound and can´t use the fn-key kombination, where can I get the drivers? Please help me thanks very much

    Best regards Antti

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